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Electric Motor Aluminum

Aluminum electric motor is one of the most suitable for specific applications. This also serves to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is a very common product is widely used in industrial processes as well as in household appliances.


The model made of aluminum comes out cheaper than other models we have in the market. This model also gets some copper pieces that improves performance and functionality. It’s no secret how this engine has become more important and indispensable day for various processes and equipment that we use often in our daily lives.

You can apply electric motor for both industrial processes as well as in equipment such as electric drills blender and other devices. Ideally, the engine can deliver a good performance low cost which is being applied. Take the test and see which model is most appropriate.

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Torque active operation of the DC electric motor

For the DC electric motor work it takes to make it happen a torque and thus the electric motor turning DC starts. The torque occurs by means of magnetic forces developed in magnetic poles of the stator and also the rotor.

The electric motor will work with the forces of attraction or repulsion are generated by the stator and rotor to cause the rotor movable poles being pulled or pushed and this causes the rotor rotates more quickly and the electric motor of direct current also work more aggressively until the frictions and the loads that are connected on the shaft to reach a zero torque value at which point the rotor will have a constant speed. https://www.mrosupply.com/automation/ac-vfd/221128_175310_leeson/

The rotor and the stator of the DC electric motor must be magnetic, because these are the forces occurring between the poles capable of producing a torque that causes the rotor to rotate.